Monday, October 16, 2023

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Selia hair special for Access

  Ayashi's Bewitching Charm: The Selia Hair, exclusively at Access Event! 

Unleash your inner Halloween spirit with Ayashi's Selia Hair, an enchanting and eerie creation inspired by the spookiest night of the year. These mesmerizing tails are elegantly swept back in both standard and premium packs, or indulge in the exclusive package, featuring two lavish side tails adorned with captivating accessories.

The exclusive pack offers a chilling twist to your look, with accessories like a collar, bows, and a blood-spattered nurse's cap, allowing you to embrace the Halloween magic. Dive into the haunting charm of Access Event and transform into a bewitching vision with Ayashi's Selia Hair! 

This hairstyle has 3 different packs:


-1 hairstyles(3 head size)(Rigged mesh)

-fatpack colors HUD(include tint hair, materials, fullbright option)


-Hair(3 head size) with style HUD(2 hair variations)

-fatpack colors HUD(include tint hair, materials, fullbright option)

-Bonus color packs (base color+2nd color for strands)



-Exclusive hair(3 head size) with style HUD(4 hair variations)


Collar & bows - Rigged or Unrigged- with HUD 16 colors  (Mod)

Headdress - Unrigged - 6 colors (Mod)

Selia hair is rigged mesh hair so please be careful and always grab a DEMO before purchasing.

Dates: October 12, 2023

Taxi to Access


Ascendant - Nunny

Please always grab a DEMO before purchasing.

*Rigged MESH. You CAN'T resize and re-position hair!

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